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Email Shot Delivery:


leave your message in the user's inbox to refer back to when ever required, and to keep them informed with your updated promotions and offers, and maintain your contact details saved to refer to, when there's a need.

 OCA provides complete, cost-effective email marketing solutions. By combining our dedicated account management and expert client services with innovative core technology, we help our clients improve response rates, build customer relationships, grow revenue and significantly improve ROI.


Direct email marketing campaigns are intended to generate new clients, keep existing clients, and increase the level and quality of customer service your company offers. By continually prospecting and testing new markets, your client base can grow.


Tracking customers who have bought from you in the past and continually contacting them with a new message or offer on a regular basis can increase customer loyalty and generate repeat business.


MENA Newsletters are also an effective means of continually updating your existing client base with new products or services your company has to offer. OCA has the expertise and experience to be your long-term Mena email marketing solution provider.



Our Regional Data Base:


1- United Arab Emirates: 3,000,000         2- Jordan: 150,000                 3- Egypt: 500,000

4- Saudi Arabia: 2,650,000                     5- Qatar: 100,000                  6- Bahrain: 100,000

7- Iran: 250,000                                    8- Iraq: 250,000                    9- Yemen: 50,000

10- Kuwait: 150,000                               11- Oman: 50,000                 12- Pakistan: 500,000

13- Lebanon: 10,000                                14- Syria: 5,000  



More Data Coming Soon

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