SMS Broadcast



The OneClickAd SMS Service enables an SMS (text) message to be sent to virtually any mobile phone instantly. This service supports over 216 carriers in 160 countries. In addition, the success of message delivery is tracked and reported using the service. Click here to see what carriers and countries are supported. (Coming Soon)


Using this service is simple! Simply provide the phone number, sender information, and the message. The message will immediately be sent to the mobile user or group of users.


The send-bulk method makes this service a natural for internal communications in any company or division, ideal for opt –in marketing campaigns and for any critical information needed to be sent to a group of mobile devices in mere seconds.


Now anybody can take advantage of this Web service to send a text message or a group of text messages. This can be used for alerting, monitoring, calls to action, data–driven notifications, and many other scenarios in which you want to communicate with a mobile phone in an automated or non-automated manner. 


How It Works: (Coming Soon)

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